Prices and Finance

You Can Afford Us

At first glance you might think that our amazing homes must be expensive, something you couldn’t afford. Imagine the feeling when you discover that your new Storybook home is not just beautiful but could also end up much, much, cheaper than you thought. Imagine that you could even save enough for a pool or a new Mercedes.

This is made possible if you elect to Owner build (self-manage) your project. Don’t dismiss the Owner builder option before you’ve explored the benefits of Owner building the Storybook way. The Storybook services and Kit supply remove much of the mystery about the Owner builder process and provides a professional one shop stop service to make setting up the building job ready to start construction easier. As the Storybook services unfold our Owner Builder clients understand that the process of self-management is entirely doable even for a time poor inexperienced client. It’s the natural choice for the smart client who wants a custom designed home much cheaper, and yes everybody can do it.

Owner building doesn’t mean you build the house yourself, tradespeople build houses and engaging the trades isn’t difficult in Australia because this is the land of the of the subcontractor tradesmen, it’s easy to get a quote and engage your tradesmen yourself. Typically, you’ll save around 20% or more tax free by saying good bye to the added builders profit, so, consider joining the thousands of our Owner builder clients who have successfully completed their Storybook dream home by taking charge themselves. We’ll explain how you can do it; you’ll decide how you’ll spend the savings. Read everything on this site explaining how the Storybook system works so well for Owner builders.


Many our clients of course still prefer to engage a registered builder or are registered builders themselves. (See the section “engaging a registered builder “) if you are a registered builder and are planning to build a spec. for resale or have a client you think would be interested in a Storybook home our service and kit supply package provides the perfect solution to easily set up your building job ready for you to start construction. For our clients who engage a registered builder providing he adds a fair and reasonable profit margin the cost of their beautiful Storybook home is usually still very competitive when compared with other professionally designed custom options.