The Construction process

The Owner Builder Option

Our clients who choose the owner builder option do so for many different reasons.

  • They want to save the builders profit margin.
  • They realise that they cannot afford to get what they want otherwise.
  • They want to put their personal stamp on the look and feel of the home.
  • They want the experience now so they can use it again in the future.
  • They want full control and access to the building site and their tradespeople.
  • The Storybook system has provided the confidence and understanding they need to embrace it.
  • They believe they can do some things themselves making even more savings.

    You think you might like to be an Owner builder, but that will mean you’ll need to register as an Owner builder and self-manage the construction process. That’s right! Just saying this scares many people and has them running to a builder, a natural first response. However, the decision to become an Owner builder for most is really all about having the understanding and confidence to do so, that is, the belief that they can and should do it.

    The Storybook system has been designed to appeal to both Builders and Owner builders alike. In many ways they both must face the same problems. Finding a design, getting permits to build, engaging trades, and arranging materials etc. Storybook is a one stop shop providing a range of pre-construction services that really help. These include custom design, working drawings , engineering , permit applications , specific cost estimating , specified budgets and a specified lock-up material Kit supply usually including (when not using a slab ) subfloor structural materials, stumps and flooring , making the whole thing so much easier, you just leave all of these things to us. You will have an absolute fixed price Storybook contract/s from us for all these pre construction services and specified material supply when you receive your Custom design. You will notice that when Storybook provide estimates it does not include provision for any materials or groundwork relating to external service connections, site preparation or the supply of associated materials like components for a retaining wall. This is because until, the issue of the building permit and construction commences this cannot be accurately established. For the same reason Builders and Kit home suppliers most often do likewise. When considering your costs, you should be aware of this and seek to establish these costs as early in the process as possible and make at least some provision for these things when setting your initial budget.


    In respect of the specified lock-up material (Kit) supply provided by Storybook , this has to be organised by us well before any construction starts, in fact , Storybook actually prepare the contract for this and present it to you when you first view your design and continue the preparations for supply right up to the issue of permits and construction commencing . For Owner builders to do this themselves is a huge undertaking because it requires a full understanding of the plans, regulations and engineering involved and the necessary elements to meet all permit requirements. It also requires a complete lock-up material take off. Of course, there is no one better than Storybook, the creator of the design and solver of all the pre permit associated technical problems to fully understand what is required. Many experienced Builders have difficulty with this process but for the average Owner builder it’s mostly beyond them. This is where the Storybook system came to the rescue. Owner builders must manage the construction process which includes the purchase of materials. By signing the Storybook contract, you have ordered and locked in the bulk of the structural materials required subject only to the issue of permits. The Storybook material supply (Kit) provides the Owner builder with these materials at a fixed price.


    The Storybook kit supply contract provides for the correct materials to be delivered in stages as they are requested by the Builder or Owner builder directly or by their tradespeople at their instruction as the need arises , for example , it’s important that the roofer will know that his materials will be there when he arrives to start the roofing. To comply with the Storybook contract the owner builder usually instructs the roofer to measure the roof off the frame and provide Storybook with the details and a commencement date when he would like delivery. Storybook makes sure that all kit materials including manufactured components like windows, trusses, structural steel components etc. Can be delivered in accordance with the Storybook contract at the instruction of the Builder or Owner builder or their allocated trades who have the on-site understanding of when they are required, i.e... as needed. The provision of these and the other pre construction services and the comfort of Storybook presenting their fixed price contracts at the Custom design stage makes the Storybook system unique in the building industry. Under one roof the Professional Storybook system provides both Builders and Owner builders with a fantastic service. Our staff is made up of teams providing design consultations on and off site, custom design, 3D imaging and video presentation, specific estimating / documentation, drafting and specific shop drawings, preparation of specific budgets, permit applications and of course all the process for the eventual Storybook specified material (Kit) supply. Read everything on this site about the Owner builder process and the huge potential savings. Since time immemorial humans have embraced the process and satisfaction of creating their own home. All States of Australia provide the framework to support owner building and the continuing of this tradition.