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The Original Storybook Cottage

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Hi, I’m Phil Malcolm, my wife (Siri) and l are the major owners of Storybook. The photos you are looking at here are in the original style of the architecture I created when Storybook first started in 1990, it’s still my personal favourite. (then we called ourselves Storybook Cottages). The architecture incorporates lots of articulation, 45-degree gabled roofs, dormer windows and verandas creating an almost gothic look. A feature of all these homes is fabulous church like cathedral ceilings with exposed beams and more extensive use of natural timbers. Siri and I love our own original Storybook cottage pictured here, now around 27 years old. (read the section IDENTIFY WITH YOUR HOME to see other photos of our home) Unfortunately what was economical architecture then is more expensive to replicate today due to regulation and energy rating changes. If you love this look, we can still do it for you, but you will need “real “carpenters to do the construction who have experience in supporting ridge roof construction. Although now dearer, if like us, you love exposed beams and rustic ambiance, well, it’s not that much more expensive, and with our system you probably can still afford it.

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