About Your Land Type

Narrow Site

We regard a narrow site to be less than 14 meters in width. A while ago a client came to us with land that was only 7.5 meters wide and she had a wish list for a 5-bedroom home with garage and pool. Fortunately, her land had a rear lane access for their cars which meant that we could achieve a fantastic street appeal to the front and place the pool between the rear entertaining area and the garage, 5 bedrooms, no problem.


Regardless of the frontage of your narrow block and whether or not we utilise any zero lot line elements to your design solution, the Storybook design team always gets great results in narrow spaces. When you visit our head office on the Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne to attend your pre-design meeting you will be surprised that such a large and beautiful commercial building could have been built on land only 6 meters wide. Ring now and arrange for your free consultation appointment.