Storybook Home Styles


Storybook has consistently been about high character relaxed architecture that's why we have always loved weatherboard so much. You’ll find weatherboard construction going right back to early settler days but it’s now making an unexpected strong comeback, this is not just with traditional homes but also with the Storybook Modern weatherboard home. Part of this resurgence and the continued popularity of weatherboard is that it no longer must be a high maintenance problem. Today the timber weatherboard is progressively being replaced by look-alike long lasting cement fibre products that lower maintenance , this combined with exterior paint products that have progressed so far that “ Dulux “ for example now offers a lifetime guarantee product , this means the problem of maintenance on painted areas is all but gone. Modern Storybook is perfect for today’s living - not traditional, not contemporary because our designers combine in dramatic fashion a creative mixture of any style to achieve the look. This architecture fits in to almost any established street scape or new estate and remains true to maintaining Storybook’s philosophy regarding beautiful and distinct home design.