Type of Design


First of all, never build a mansion on anything but a superior piece of land. The magnificent mansion pictured here is gracing an equally beautiful acreage with a long winding driveway, private lake and killer views, perfect. Whether city or country the mansion should always be given the respect of ensuring correct capitalisation. More than any other possession the mansion is the one that says, you’ve made it.


Be careful though because the mansion must still be a home that you will enjoy living in, big is not always conducive to easy comfortable living. Clients that are attracted to our homes whatever the scale or their financial status are usually more often than not down to earth people, they’re looking to create a unique and beautiful home in which to enjoy a loving and relaxed family lifestyle. For this reason, we often recommend that it’s better to control the size of a mansion a little and splash out on quality. Out there I’ve seen people spend several millions of dollars on their dream mansion only to be disappointed. The Storybook philosophy here is to encourage our clients to aim for the perfect building that presents and feels like a mansion but still maintains a human scale , accordingly , for most Storybook mansions the basic house cost falls within a more affordable range of between $700,000 to $1,200,000 plus a further amount added for over the top superior finishes and fittings.


We highly recommend that the best results (with the bonus of substantial cost savings) will definitely be achieved by taking charge as an owner builder or to engage a registered builder for supervision only. The mansion demands close client involvement in the details , especially in the fit out and interior design stages , the more personal time you invest the more you can put your own individual stamp on the project and the more you and your family will love and identify with your home .

If you can afford a mansion I know that you’re not someone who throws money away so before you think of engaging a high priced architect who’ll set you up with a high priced builder consider this , we might just do it better , and save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process . Make an appointment with your nearest Storybook Consultant and be sure to request the presence of our most senior designer.