About Custom Designs

Loving Your Home

Straight away you’ll notice something special about Storybook custom designs. They are immediately beautiful. Next time you drive down any street or visit a new estate look at the homes and you’ll see that it isn’t easy to create a beautiful looking house. At Storybook we’re inspired to create the best-looking house in the street, time after time.

Storybook have a great reputation also for the way we design the high function internal layouts and stunning features of your home. The result of decades of focus on CUSTOM DESIGN to get it right for client wishes and to keep up with the latest market expectations and trends.



Storybook loves high character light weight original architecture of all persuasions perfect for those like us who reject the sameness of the boxy brick and tile look that’s everywhere. As our name suggests we especially love architecture that incorporates traditional style but we also believe the days of trying to exactly emulate outdated poorly energy rated architecture of the past should be put aside , our approach to traditional architecture seeks to capture the best of the beauty charm and character but in the Storybook way that also delivers the more relaxed lifestyles of today.


There’s a special feeling we want you to have, that is, living in an individual home that you totally identify with, your home. Let us do it just for you. Your own beautiful Custom Storybook home. It doesn’t matter what price range you present to us; our dedicated and creative design team will deliver an exciting design especially for you with the unique Storybook stamp of beauty, style and character. As you scroll down these pages IMAGINE yourself and your family coming home to and living in a striking Storybook home that you absolutely love.


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