About Your Land Type

Level Land

Storybook has a vast range of designs suitable for level land, single and two storey homes in every price range, granny flats to mansions. When you are looking for high character beautiful architecture that’s also affordable don’t look past us.


Most of the time unless a site has drainage problems or is prone to flooding for a level or near level site, we usually recommend the most economical slab construction for the soil conditions. This keeps the home more directly connected to the garden, decks, pool etc. And as a bonus provides better energy ratings to keep your energy bills down. Level land is equally suited to modern or traditional architecture. I know that you think that a level block is cheaper to build on but when buying land don’t immediately discount sloping sites. They are usually cheaper and may provide you with views. We find more often than not, that your two storey design solution or your Storybook design on a slope may be no more expensive to construct.