Type of Design

Large Family Home

If your budget is between $450,000 and $700,000 + expect to achieve a much larger and high-quality family home with a lot of more living rooms, bathrooms etc. Most clients with these budgets are often looking to build their forever home that includes everything they’ve ever dreamed of in the way of living and recreation rooms, like a billiard room with a fully stocked bar, home gym, library / sitting room, theatre room, etc.


The word “spacious” enters wish lists for everything, bedrooms, bathrooms, butler’s pantry, garage and workshop, laundry etc. The larger a home gets naturally the more expensive the provision for the curtains, carpets, overlay flooring etc. must be, so remember when setting your budget that the $600,000 house could easily end up costing $700,000 when completely finished.

Many enthusiastic clients can get so carried away with the dream that they seem to forget to give proper consideration to the size of the eventual mortgage that will take the next thirty years to pay off or to evaluate the risk to lifestyle of rising interest rates in the future. Always remember to balance aspirations with financial prudence, a beautiful $500,000 Storybook home is absolutely magnificent, so why spend $600,000? Of course, if you can comfortably afford it, my advice always is to go for your dream, if not now when?

Making an appointment with the nearest Storybook Consultant is the first step towards the day that you’ll be walking through the front door of your exciting new Storybook forever home for the first time.