About Custom Designs

It's All About Design

Scroll down our site and check out our striking designs. At Storybook we totally understand that the design is everything, how the home will look, function, feel and cost is basically set when the design is finished. Therefore, Storybook put so much effort and finesse into every Custom design. Our dedicated and talented design team prove time and time again that they are up to the challenge of getting it right. However, it’s not only a creative exercise but also a laborious and exacting process, the marrying of the expectations of the client’s wish list with the reality of budget, site constraints and regulations to arrive every time with yet another beautiful Storybook design.


Of course, after our clients have studied their design, they love the fact that we never get artistically offended if they would like to make a change, we are always ready to assist with any changes or additions our clients feel will make their home even better for them.


When you visit the Storybook head office in Melbourne for the pre-design meeting (we’ll assist in flying interstate clients to meet us) and enter the building look up the stairs to the left. You’ll see directly into the cathedral ceilinged room that houses our whole design team. A great atmosphere in which they will create your exciting new custom Storybook design.


As the actual design work on your project begins our focus is all about you. We need to fully understand what you are wanting us to achieve so that we can successfully create a home that you will absolutely love. Before the day of your pre-design meeting the team has already been busy at work studying everything about your presented wish list and researching all the regulations and constraints relating to your land so that in depth discussions can then proceed.

They’ve envisaged the different ways they might approach your design so they can convey that to you at the meeting. This is when basic decisions about your dreams and priorities are laid down. The important thing is that by the end of our meeting we all end up on the same page in respect of vision and objectives because it’s now that the team will be ready to bring everything together and create a fabulous design solution for you. It’s a special day when you’re presented with the beautiful 3D images of your exciting new home.