About Custom Designs

Identify With Your Home

What makes a home your home? It’s an emotional bond. Hi, I’m Phil, most of the things you’ll read on this site was written by me, it’s not hard for you to see that I’m pretty passionate about home design and personal lifestyle. When it comes to our own home my wife Siri and I are like other Storybook home owners, every day and especially when returning from abroad we love coming home to a place that is unmistakably us, ‘our home ‘.

Ours is an original Storybook Cottage now about twenty-seven years old and still going strong, we love it. I’m a lover of philosophy, reading , chess / sudoku, organised living, unpretentious traditional looking architecture, antiques, creative gardens, cars, cooking and making things, whereas Siri’s a free spirited dancer, artist and poet who loves spontaneity, a Zen way of thinking, organic character homes , seaside living , music , travel, relaxed laid back decor, animals around the house, wild gardens, exercise / healthy living and having fun with her ever changing versions of fashion. As you can see, we’re completely different and yet somehow the feeling expressed in our home reflects us both. These few photos of our home say a lot about our personalities expressed in the internal decor of our living area and Siri’s dance studio and our garden and pet enclosure. This is what we want for all our Storybook clients, a home that is a pleasure to own, different from everybody else and one that they love and strongly identify with.

If you go to YouTube and check out the walk-through videos of Storybook designs that we have there, you’ll see that all the interiors are presented in a similar nondescript way. This is to give a non-cluttered basic understanding of the size, shapes and brightness of the entrance through to the main living areas of a new design, not what it will actually look like when each of our clients add their own unique interior design magic. The decor of every Storybook home can differ widely as is demonstrated from these photos of our home with our eclectic furnishings, our personal choice of an all-natural timber main living area and our organised yet sometimes wild and natural way of doing our garden areas. There’s a multitude of ways you can use your imagination to finish off the setting and interiors of your new Storybook home to put your own personal stamp on the feeling inside and out. Whether you love eclectic, modern, contemporary, cottage, shabby cheek, traditional, retro or your own style, what ultimately makes a Storybook home even more your home? You, and your imagination.