About Custom Designs

Hidden Secret

Now that you’re thinking of building or perhaps seeking out your options as to how to go about it, consider why you are on this web site right now. Invariably if you’re like most of our clients it’s because you’ve seen and love a Storybook home gracing a street or as an advertised image. This strong, even emotional appeal of our homes holds a HIDDEN SECRET that will reveal itself only when they are eventually sold. Storybook homes attract hoards of interested buyers because they are so desirable, accordingly, they perform fantastically in the marketplace especially at auction where aspiring purchasers compete for the prize. Storybook firmly believe that the superior street appeal and great interior designs they consistently produce for their clients locks in substantial future benefits.


I started my career as a young real estate salesman and soon after as a licensed Real Estate Agent in a family business that also incorporated a design / drafting department. Watching my father designing homes was inspiring because everything he designed had superior appeal to the general homes we had for sale. Dad could not have impressed on me more strongly his belief in the value-added effect of a beautiful high character home - STREET APPEAL. Time after time he would point this out after a higher price was achieved on the sale of such a home. My time in Real Estate served to cement in place this effect which had become a reality to me to the point that I only wanted to sell homes with high street appeal to all my clients.


It was inevitable that I would be drawn to home design myself and later to set up my own building business. See the section ‘design philosophy’ to understand the powerful influence my father ( Ralph Malcolm ) contributed then and now to my own adopted and developed design principals and products that later also formed the basis of our new family business established in 1990, Storybook’s artistic heart and soul has its roots here. I feel great in the knowledge that our Storybook customers are building a home that not only they will love but that a lucky future owner will love also.


Although you probably intend to spend decades in your exciting new Storybook home, when it comes to Real Estate a prudent person will always consider maximising eventual resale value because nobody can know what their future has in store for them and whether or not for a myriad of reasons they will need or decide to sell. I believe great interior design, correct capitalisation and especially strong STREET APPEAL (all Storybook firmly held principals) hold the key to a superior future sales outcome.