Storybook Home Styles


Storybook have our own beautiful versions of the Hamptons home. Your custom designed Hampton style home will still incorporate features of the original Storybook designs like high pitched gables, dormers and verandas but without the American porch look. In many ways it’s our “Aussie “version, maintaining our historical love of verandas.


Our moving away from the original Storybook cottages was in response to the need to modify our roof architecture because of the introduction of higher energy rating requirements throughout Australia and the fact that the new generation of carpenters progressively seem only to be able to build roofs using a truss system.

To preserve the Storybook tradition of cathedral ceilings we have designed special scissor trusses that form vaulted ceilings with air spaces that allow for much higher levels of insulation and a slight lowering of the pitch inside to also help with meeting the new energy rating requirements and to lower future energy costs. The preferred pitch we have chosen for our Hampton designs now is predominately 35 to 40 degrees. This is perfect to preserve that great traditional look. Whether a granny flat or a mansion we will custom design your exciting new Storybook Hamptons style home to reflect that special magic.