Getting Started

Getting Started

So, you’ve got your land. Getting started is easy. Make an appointment with the nearest Storybook representative in your State or Head office. If you have sloping land or if you feel that you may require a more difficult design solution you can request that a designer from Head Office in Melbourne also be present either in person or on Skype for interstate clients.


Your wish list and budget will be discussed and to help you understand what you might expect to get you’ll be shown selected examples of successful design solutions produced for other clients with similar requirements and budgets. Also discussed is how to engage Storybook to provide your initial affordable decision-making package. When you’re ready arrange to meet a Storybook representative on your land where they can confirm that the initial discussions about budgets and design directions are still appropriate.


When you engage Storybook initially you will be required to sign the “preliminary service contract “ (Design Agreement). This heavily subsidised and helpful decision making service provides you with access to your custom Storybook design presented in beautifully rendered 3D images together with floor plans, site plan , Storybook service and kit fixed price contracts and an initial estimate of basic completion costs . This is a unique Storybook service designed to assist clients in the initial decision-making and diligence process. This comprehensive service involves the input of most of the Storybook team. The subsidised fixed price cost for this service (usually 1% of the basic build budget plus $500) is only a small proportion of the actual costs involved in its production. The full amount of this fee is credited back to clients when they later enter the main Storybook contracts which set out the actual costs of design, services and material (Kit) supply. The decision to embrace this service starts you on an exciting journey towards the manifestation of your own affordable and amazing Storybook home.

The information provided in this preliminary service greatly assists our clients in making more informed decisions and in doing comparisons with other options. NOTE permission to use the design is only granted strictly upon the performance of the terms set out in the main Storybook contracts and the copyright to the design always remains with Storybook.