Prices and Finance

General Price Guide

Our homes are all custom designed. We literally have thousands of designs created over almost three decades for homes that have been built all over Australia. It’s fair to say that Storybook creates designs in every price range. However, prices can vary for the same design from place to place and depending on how our clients choose to arrange their constructions (Owner Built or registered builder contract), the prices can change dramatically. Also, every client makes different choices regarding the quality of their fit-out items and features. Make an appointment with a consultant who will clarify things by showing you examples of what you can expect in your price range in your area.

See below for a general price range rough guide.


For the reasons mentioned above when Storybook suggests a budget estimate for a home it is always during discussions at a free consultation where the clients have the opportunity to properly describe what it is that they are wanting to do (You can request that a Storybook designer from Head Office also be present at the meeting in person or on Skype for interstate clients) This discussion, of course, leads into descriptions of the nature of the land, the size, style and look of the home, expectations of quality etc.., finance and finally of course budget. Your Storybook Consultant will select from a vast range of designs of numerous examples to show you other suitable homes that we have previously created for other clients in your price range. Your consultant will explain what is included in a Storybook price estimate.


Storybook creates designs in every price range from Granny flats to mansions i.e. $95,000 to over $1,200,000 + and as to value we are sure you will be presently surprised at the affordability our system can provide. Where else can you go and get magnificent homes like ours that can be built at prices that are so cost-competitive? Be comforted by the fact that the largest percentage of our work is for clients who are looking for a home somewhere in the $200,000 to $600,000 price range.

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