Type of Design

Family Home

The most popular Storybook family homes are in the $250,000 to $450,000 price range. Whether yours is a small or large family we’ll create a floor plan that aims to improve the quality of life for every family member, including your cherished pets.

It’s all about kids, all the stages from babies to when they leave home.


At Storybook we know a lot about family living. Great designers of family homes don’t necessarily just learn how to design a home and then progressively always get better at doing it with experience , because no matter how much work they’ve done without being able to draw heavily from their own personal family life experiences they may never actually fully understand how the design of the home can actually contribute to the function and even happiness of a family . Each family is presented with a progressively changing set of dynamics as their family grows, nothing stays the same for long. Storybook designers understand this and can offer sound advice on how to achieve a great family home design that will serve you now and into the future.


Hi, I’m Phil Malcolm, originally, I was the only designer of the earlier Storybook homes when the Company was established in 1990. At the young age of 24 early in my career as a designer I’d already had four kids, that’s right, four, four and under, two boys and twin girls, the full disaster. The incredible demands of family life completely changed my thinking in the way I designed the layouts of family homes, the things my dad was telling me for years I could now actually begin to understand myself. In 1990 when Storybook was established, it was my late wife Sue and I with our four kids, Daniel, Nathan, Amy, and Rebecca, then young adults (two married with kids) who all became part of our new family business. By this time, I was an extremely experienced designer but more importantly I’d passed through all the stages of bringing up a large family, later (after marrying Siri) to also include the addition of two great step kids, Ben and Alex.


This experience was essential to the development of my full understanding of what makes a truly great family home. Over almost thirty years at Storybook I’ve passed this knowledge along and it’s being passed along again, today there’s three generations of family members that are part of the Storybook design team. In the business altogether, of twenty staff members, five are my children, three (of twelve) are my grandchildren and counting myself and Siri, six are other family members. Let us design your new family home. We are a quintessential family business that understands the needs of families so well and we’re extremely proud of our professionalism that enables us to provide the fabulous custom designed homes we continue to create for our clients.

Make an appointment today (it’s OK to bring your kids) with your nearest Storybook Consultant who will show you examples of exiting and affordable family homes we’ve created that would be in and around your price range.