Prices and Finance

Establishing a Budget

Make an appointment with your nearest Storybook consultant to discuss budget and to gather information about the Storybook system. Our affordable prices will pleasantly surprise you.

When you have decided to engage Storybook to get things started you will be presented with our “design agreement setting out what you will receive in our initial preliminary service. The fee for this is 1% +$500 of the basic building cost. That is e.g... $3,500 for a $300,000 house. To establish the initial fee the proposed budget for the basic build must be set prior to engaging Storybook. After careful analysis of the client wish list, size of home, expectation of quality / extra features and the constraints presented by the building site etc. Storybook will suggest a likely budget for the basic build as an Owner builder and if you elect to engage a registered builder an estimate for that also.

To arrive at an estimate for the final overall cost, allowances must be added to make provision for items not included in the basic build cost. These include interior design elements like curtains, carpets etc.., site preparation, landscaping and external connections. Clients must also consider if the budget they set can be financed. Storybook Representatives will discuss all these elements when you attend the initial free consultation. Storybook designs are always carefully created with a focus on measures that contribute to cost control, our aim always is that the design presented will come in when the basic building cost is estimated to be close to the budget target.