The Construction process

Engaging a Registered Builder

If you have elected to engage a registered builder for the construction process you will find the Storybook documentation extremely helpful, because it provides everything you need for them to be able to provide you with a quote.

The Storybook system works in stages. Once we have completed the working plans and estimating stage (while you are waiting as we attend to permit approvals) you will be in the position to begin to seek out your future builder. You can use your fragmented owner builder construction budget prepared by us to provide suggested allowances for chosen prime cost items , this together with your kit supply details make it much easier for the builder to prepare his quote because he doesn’t have to supply the lock up material component. The obtaining of finance is much easier when you have a fixed price contract with a registered builder, however, the builder of course will add his profit margin, typically around 20% + to the owner builder estimated costs.

Choosing your builder or tradesmen if you elect to be an Owner builder is a similar process when it comes to due diligence, always check references and registrations, It helps if previous Storybook clients can give a recommendation , however, if you make choices where the builder has no previous experience with Storybook homes we recommend that references should also be from his most recent clients. If you know a builder you would like to use, that’s great, involve him early in the process so he will understand how the Storybook process makes arranging things so much easier for them. This may contribute to you getting a better price.