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About Floor Plans.

No Storybook floor plans are alike as each design is a custom home. At Storybook all design work is done in 3D where the articulation of the design and the associated floor plan evolve together in a complicated process designed to ensure that a great appearance of the home is maintained as well as a functional internal layout of rooms. You can expect an exciting and personalised result.


One of the common frustrations clients relay to us is their previous inability to find a floor plan to suit their land and lifestyles and the reluctance of the building industry (especially the majors) to cooperate or even allow changes to be made to their standard designs. Attempting to “make” a floor plan fit your purpose is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. To further add to this dilemma today every design must meet a minefield of Shire and Council town planning requirements and stringent building regulations.


Storybook are masters at marrying great appearance and exceptional floor plans and at the same time creating complying projects that are cost efficient. Although we do not post floor plans on line if you would like to view examples of floor plans we have produced for other clients to provide an idea as to what you might expect for your given budget on similar land to your own, make a free appointment today with your nearest Storybook Consultant. Read about our “DESIGN PRINCIPLES and PHILOSOPHIES “to gain an insight into the way Storybook approach design.