About Custom Designs

Create Your Forever Home

We’ve already talked about loving your home, imagine now that you love it so much that you never want to go, the forever home. All the family aspersions catered for. A home offering a lifestyle for everyone, yourselves, the kids, your guests, even your loved pets.


Imagine the way yourselves and your kids will want to live and let us create a perfect home for you. You love cooking, imagine your perfect kitchen, huge island bench with wide top drawers, lots of easy to access storage and bench space, your dream cooks tops and ovens, perfect height griller and butler’s pantry of course, feels great doesn’t it. He’d love to restore classic cars, he should do it, but he’ll need a proper workshop and car hoist. And what kid doesn’t love a pool or games room. A gym, billiards and a bar, art studio, dance room, music room, library, we could go on and on. The thing is, it takes effort and imagination on your part and ours to create the perfect forever home. Most of us work decades to pay off the mortgage so it’s worth it to invest whatever time it takes to manifest your perfect dream home and lifestyle and make coming home great for everyone.

Of course, for those with kids the forever home must solve the challenge of an interior layout that works as the family dynamics change, babies and toddlers turn into kinder / school kids and teens into young adults. Most of us parents for example start off having our little ones close but end up preferring zoned living as the kids get older. For others as their kids leave home the layout of rooms might easily convert into other personal uses or perhaps a couple of B&B’s to provide income for world travel in retirement. No two Storybook forever homes are alike except for the way they are loved.