Create a World for Your Pets

So many of our clients and their kids absolutely love their pets, dogs, cats, birds, horses, rabbits, you name it, and many will do anything for their animal friends. When you prepare your wish list don’t forget to tell us all about them (include photos) and how they fit in with your life, because when we’re designing your new home we understand it’s their home too and there’s lots of things we might to be able to add to enrich their lives and make looking after them easier and more enjoyable for you.

Hi, I’m Phil Malcolm this is my wife Siri, we’re the most senior of the Storybook owners with our own pet story. We recently lost our beloved cat Shimmer around the same time I was starting my recovery from a successful open-heart surgery. We couldn’t remember a time without our feline friend’s beautiful energy being with us, our home just didn’t feel right now she had gone. Although we knew we could never replace our Shimmer Siri didn’t feel we should wait before finding a new kitten to bring home. She believes in the healing power generated by the loving presence of animals and was certain a new kitten would assist in my recovery process, so it wasn’t long before we found her and went off to pick up our new Rag Doll kitten. There was two to choose from but as we watched these sisters playing happily together, we immediately realised how bonded they were, we couldn’t separate them, of course, we ended up buying both, Mirror and Feather. We’ve never had the experience of more than one animal at a time and we loved it, so much so that we’ve since added another, a gorgeous main coon cat, Sharman.

We live in an area with lots of fast cars and foxes, so for their safety we don’t feel comfortable ever letting them out and being nature lovers, we were also concerned with protecting the local bird life. Rag Dolls and Main Coons especially are among the largest domestic cat breeds in the world and need larger spaces to be happy. Although ours is a very big home and we let them roam freely we really wanted them to also be able to enjoy the experience of being in the breeze and nature, so we set out to design and build a fabulous outdoor zoo like enclosure for them. At one end of our main living room we fully enclosed an existing verandah with Crimex mesh and door so that whenever they liked fresh air would always be accessible to them and we could still maintain security and be mozzie free. This further lead directly outside into the massive new cat enclosure pictured here. You have no idea how much they all love it. Inside the enclosure we’ve incorporated the existing trees and extended the garden for them to explore. We’ve built a ‘creative climbing cat playground ‘where they can also run around up high and play with each other to their hearts content. They love being around us so we’ve set up an umbrella shaded outdoor setting so that we too can share their outside experience by regularly taking our coffee and lunch out there to be with them.

Looking into the enclosure from inside our living room is fabulous especially on sunny days and at night when the soft lighting we’ve installed brings the area to life giving an unexpected natural serenity to our inside home environment. For our cats not only does it open up a wonderful and sunny play world it also introduces them to all of our surrounding garden with its smells and sounds of nature, like the activity of birds and possums.

Life’s a bit easier for us now too. In one hidden corner we created an easy to clean sandy area so they can use this instead of always having to go inside to the cat litters , we can now safely leave them outside anytime and go for a coffee or shopping and there’s no problem when friends come around with their dogs or if we spontaneously head for a walk to the beach or go the movies. The enclosure has added a new dimension to our personal enjoyment and led us to an even richer relationship with our special cats . For Siri and me the effort and cost of building the enclosure is worth every penny.

The whole design team at Storybook understand animal lovers and they would like nothing more than to work with you and create special features in your home to show the world how much you care about your cherished pets. Imagine for example in your meals area a large plate glass window looking directly into a magical bird Avery showing off all your colourful favourites. Perhaps, in your living room a magnificent recessed large aquarium of gently swimming or darting exotic fish, or outside a beautifully designed stables and loose box that your horses will love, all matching the charm of your new Hamptons country home. Where will your cats or dogs sleep eat and play, how will you look after their comfort, security, and need for exercise? Many of these things are related to design issues that can only be worked out during the initial design stage of your new home.

We’d love to help; our consultants will explain the Storybook system and how custom design with us will deliver an exciting new home for your family and pets much cheaper than you thought. The first step is to make your free appointment.