Storybook Home Styles


Is there such a thing as beachy architecture? we think there is. Hi, I’m Phil Malcolm, For the better part of my life I’ve enjoyed living in a seaside suburb of Melbourne-Beaumaris and Mt Eliza. Today the weatherboard Hamptons is often the perfect choice for these, and other more up-market seaside areas and our clients love them, but most seaside towns along the eastern seaboard are away from the big smoke. Here it’s about surf, sun and sand where the dream is often a super lay back lifestyle. Fitting in with this feeling is what beachy is to me, where the surf board doesn’t look out of place in the lounge room. Cool, unconventional and trendy but in an unpretentious way are words I would use. Affordable, simple, easy to the eye breezy architecture that combines several different cladding materials like Colourbond, natural timbers, render etc. and maybe polished concrete floors, this nails the feeling perfectly. Let us create an individual one for you to sit back and enjoy unless of course the surf is up.