About Custom Designs

Be Your Own Interior Designer

One of the most exciting things is looking at your Storybook home at the completion of lock-up stage, wow! but now your attention needs to be directed to the interior, the heart and soul of the home. Some clients choose to use an interior designer, great if you can afford to, but most Storybook clients actually love the experience and savings of doing it for themselves. Interior design starts when you choose the fixtures and fittings that you will see, doors, architraves, your kitchen, stove, tiles etc. Etc. and marry them into a vision you have of the finished decorated home.


I am sure the confidence to be your own interior designer for many is all about the internet. Surf interiors and you will be inspired. It’s never too early to start, many of our clients include these images even at the wish list stage. At Storybook we realise that the entrance, living areas and bathrooms are most important in conveying the look, feel and perception of quality of the finished home. That’s why we decided in late 2018 to where possible include in the design presentation a realistic walk thru video through the entrance to the living areas so that it’s easy for you to imagine these spaces and then how you will apply your own vision to the finished result.


The fabulous thing about interior design is that it’s about perception not price. An economical overlay floor can look just as amazing as one four times the price, you don’t need fully tiled bathrooms to create a great feel or even real open fires to provide a similar beautiful ambiance. Clever choices can achieve a fabulous looking home and still keep the budget under control. The sense of quality is often conveyed by careful choices relating to the items the eye is mostly drawn to. Generally speaking, what you spend should relate to your own taste, quality expectations, budget and imagination.

The same things can be said about window coverings light fittings and soft furnishings, it’s also about perception and the look you’re wanting to achieve. A beautiful throw over an old sofa with a splash of cushion colour can look sumptuous and inviting, so who needs a new lounge suite? Sometimes just a well-chosen veil draped over a lamp does wonders for evening atmosphere. Study the interiors you like on the net and identify what it is that is creating the great feeling, often it’s just colour choices or creative economical solutions that achieve something fabulous. Have fun.