Type of Design

Affordable Holiday Homes

Mostly the holiday home is a getaway where you can relax and leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind. I’ve found myself that a drive of less than two hours means you will use your holiday home a lot more often. Always consider correct capitalisation because if you encounter financial problems in the future the holiday home is usually the first to be sold. A contrast between the look and feel of your home and holiday house accentuates the feeling of getting away and leaving suburbia behind, country or seaside Storybook will help you choose a look that calls you.


A holiday home needs to be low maintenance and easy to leave, clean the kitchen, sweep the floors, set the fire for next time and go. Storybook suggest that you keep the design simple, no bigger than what’s needed for your family and the expected free loaders and the less bathrooms and toilets the better, you’re not going there to do housework. Of course, we know that you’ve got to control budget, it’s crazy to stack up a large additional mortgage when the purpose is to gain relaxation not more stress.

Make an appointment today with your nearest Storybook Consultant who’ll show you fantastic holiday homes we’ve done for past clients and explain how the Storybook system can be so affordable.