About Us

Hi, I'm Phil Malcolm and this is my wife Siri.


Exploring our web site is easy, scroll down you’ll see that each beautiful photo has a catch cry that can lead you to further specific information and photos. Further explore our INDEX to gain a full understanding of the Storybook process.


We, with three other family members are the owners of Storybook Designer Homes Pty Ltd (we just call ourselves STORYBOOK). Our fully owned family business was established in 1990. Counting us, at the time of writing this there are fourteen family members spanning three generations engaged in our business operations. Together with a dedicated team of employees and a national team of trained Agents we provide unique highly professional building industry services.


Without question the most important element in the process of building a new home is the design. It is after all the house, so how it will look, function and of course what it will cost depends entirely on the experience, skills and finesse of the designer. Control of these things can only take place at the design stage because thereafter everything becomes set, e.g... once designed the home will cost what it will cost and the success of bringing the design in close to budget is all about the designer’s ability to do so. Storybook’s designers have a proven record of doing just that. Accordingly, Storybook is all about maintaining a focus on getting the design right to achieve all these objectives which is why we are dedicated to creating beautiful, functional and affordable CUSTOM architecture every time.


To understand what we do firstly, you need to understand that Storybook are not builders we are kit suppliers to custom designed homes and do not provide any supervision or management on or off site for the actual construction process. When you engage us, you will either elect to be an Owner Builder or to engage a registered builder for the construction process. All our services are specially designed to make the building of your home more understandable and so much easier whichever construction method you choose. We provide an exceptional design and pre-construction technical and material supply (Kit) service for our Owner Builder and Registered Builder clients that delivers the opportunity to achieve a beautiful high character home at a more affordable price. Supplying a SPECIFIED KIT and SERVICE package for an INDIVIDUAL STORYBOOK CUSTOM DESIGNED home makes us unique in the building industry. We are extremely proud of the fantastic results we consistently achieve for our clients. We’ve created over 2500 storybook designs since our inception in 1990. Interestingly a significant proportion of our clients elect to Owner Build.



A better question is why not? Of course, many of our clients choose to engage a registered builder to build their beautiful Storybook home, but, consider the profit that builders are currently adding, often 20%, 30% even more. For most of our clients that’s an enormous sum which adds substantially to their mortgage size, the last amount they will pay back, with interest, therefore adding so much more again. Little wonder that most of our clients at least carefully explore the option of Owner building. The saving that owner building can achieve can be put towards a lower mortgage, higher quality fit out, maybe a pool, a larger home, money for carpets/curtains or landscaping... You decide. Remember that as you move forward with your life you’ve got to allow something for lifestyle too, right. We unashamedly encourage Owner Building and thousands of our clients have successfully completed their beautiful Storybook home achieving huge savings. You can do it too. Remember, the Storybook unique services and kit supply are designed to help make the process of owner building more understandable and doable for you to undertake the management of your own building process yourself.


OWNER BUILDING doesn’t mean you build the house yourself. Australia is the land of the subcontractor, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, etc. and they can just as easily be engaged by you direct without the builder adding his margin. You can of course also choose to do some of the work yourself and any resulting further saving will be 100% yours. For example, a huge proportion of our clients do their own painting and landscaping.

People with little experience of the building process gain the confidence to proceed to OWNER BUILD simply by understanding it. Engage the trades direct instead of engaging a registered builder. Where Storybook can help is in offering the following assistance.

These are the services we provide.

  • A pre-purchase of land meeting to discuss what to look for and what to look out for when buying land or deciding whether to contemplate a knock down / rebuild. Our suggestions may aid in decision making on a block of interest. These are free services.
  • Assistance in setting a wish list and budget for your requested home.
  • In depth discussions about process, design and likely costs in a low-pressure sales environment. What’s important here is information, not the closing of the deal. This is company policy, as we encourage decision making to take place away from us.
  • Discussions regarding Owner Builder finance, the process and time lines from the beginning to moving in.
  • An onsite meeting. When a client has decided to engage us the first step is, arranging to meet a team member on site where further discussions can be progressed and the process of site analysis by us can begin.
  • A gathering of information and arranging of essential professional reports and assistance with their wish list so that we can understand and research all of the relevant compliance requirements and client expectations in order to prepare for a most important client meeting prior to the actual commencement of design.
  • The pre-design meeting is held at head office (interstate clients are given financial assistance, towards flights and car hire). It’s at this in-depth meeting that we discuss the results of our research into how compliance requirements will affect design. We engage with clients to further clarify their wish list and budget requirements of what they are hoping to achieve. This meeting will reveal the likely type of CUSTOM design that will best meet client needs.
  • The initial Storybook decision-making package we provide is probably the best value building industry service in Australia. For a heavily subsidised initial fee prior to the signing of the main contracts, we provide you with information that we believe you need for diligence, to help make informed decisions and to do meaningful comparisons. This includes, a preview of your beautiful Storybook custom design presented in professional fully developed 3D’s showing the home from numerous viewpoints, site plan, floor plan and drawings to explain reasons why particular design decisions were required, together with cost projections and copies of the Storybook services and supply agreement/s.
  • Informative design presentation meeting and explanation of our contracts. This is the exciting time when you get to view the images of your new home for the first time.
  • Helpful and timely assistance for any required changes or additions to design.
  • Preparation of complete working plans for the purpose of applying for town planning/development permits and the actual building permits.
  • Plans and comprehensive budget meeting to present documentation and check that clients are happy with everything before proceeding to permits.
  • All necessary structural engineering ( conditions apply ).
  • The permit application process including town planning ( excluding fee's).
  • Pre construction meeting after the issue of permits to check that clients are ready for the commencement of their construction.
  • The provision of building (Kit) materials as listed and included in our contract.
  • Ongoing off-site technical explanations relating to plans and engineering as requested during the building process.

    All these services and specified material supply are part of the Storybook FIXED PRICE contract/s, and, for those clients who proceed to contract the initial fee is deducted in full off the first contract payment.

    Put your individual stamp on your home. IMAGINE owning a beautiful Storybook home, our team will show you how you can manifest it.

    Make an obligation free appointment soon and we will show you what you might expect to get by presenting a selection of previous Storybook designs suitable for your land type around your budget. Your Storybook consultant will explain our unique services and kit supply in a low-pressure sales environment.