The Story of Storybook

The Story of Storybook Picture of  and Hi, I’m Phil Malcolm, one of the founding Directors of Storybook Designer Homes.

DREAM, BELIEVE, MANIFEST” – That’s how magic happens!

My wonderful father taught me this and other life changing stories that he found to be true. My favourite and his was about what he called… “THE LAW OF ABUNDANCE” – Share your knowledge, act in love and service towards others and the universe rewards you with an abundance in all things without ever asking or expecting.

These generous and positive principals have become a way of life for me and I’m proud to say, also reflected in our family business. How to bring the dream of a beautiful, affordable and individual home into manifestation is the knowledge we share. Providing a unique and professional client support and assistance program is the service we provide.

Storybook was established in 1990 by myself and my four children who were young adults at the time and now almost 3 decades later, we are still working closely together, some with our spouses as the business continues to grow & prosper. A family business in every sense, recently also embracing my step son and 2 of my grandchildren. Together with a fantastic team of dedicated staff members, we strive to maintain and expand these principles while working hard to bring our clients dreams into reality.

The building industry is not an easy business. Today with the heavy burden of continual regulation change and difficult Permit and Town Planning restrictions and regulations, it’s a minefield to work through. Our clients need our experience and creativity more than ever, experience and ability we gained from the creation of over 4000 homes across Australia.

Thanks to all our wonderful past clients for putting their trust and faith in us, and welcome to the many who will embrace the Storybook Dream for decades to come… Phil Malcolm