So Why Storybook?

Here are some kind words from some of our many satisfied customers who all strongly identify with their beautiful individual homes & loved the Storybook process & support.
Storybook Kitchen“We have recently completed our dream retirement home on the coast with Storybook Cottages and couldn’t be more pleased with the final outcome. We had admired the photos of Storybook Cottages in magazines for many years and can’t believe we now actually live in our own! When we first purchased our land we met with their architect on site and together we achieved the perfect plan for our aspect and our living needs. Due to circumstances beyond our control we were unable to commence building for quite some time however Storybook were understanding and when we did begin, the whole process was efficient and uncomplicated.

“We love the character that our home exudes…the cathedral ceilings, many levels, beautifully shaped rooms and timber floors are wonderful to live with and we have already had many favourable comments.”

As we were building remotely (five hours away) we opted to employ a local builder who was highly recommended and he managed the build for us. He found Storybook to be very easy to work with and problem free. His workmanship was outstanding and the finish to our home is faultless. We love the character that our home exudes…the cathedral ceilings, many levels, beautifully shaped rooms and timber floors are wonderful to live with and we have already had many favourable comments. We are so happy and look forward to spending many years in our beautiful home. Regards Malcolm and Louise”

Even our Recommended Trades get a mention.

Storybook Extension“Dear Brian, Michelle & I would like to extend our sincere thanks to you, Stuart & Scott for the works carried out to our home in recent weeks. The works have exceeded our expectations and were finalised well ahead of schedule. The attention to detail, assistance, pro-activeness, service and skillsets demonstrated by the team were second to none and were of the highest quality. The additions and alterations to the project you have completed for us have really transformed our home and we are grateful for your input and thoughtfulness.

We would be happy to recommend you and the team for future work based on our personal experiences and found you to be extremely accommodating – no task too difficult, small or large. Thank you again and hope you enjoy the Guinness! Regards Michelle & Mauricio”

“In 2012 we celebrate ten years since we built our wonderful Storybook Cottage in Sydney. It continues to be a beautiful, practical family home. Thank you Storybook for providing such excellent designs, support and inspiration for a home which is truly out of the ordinary.” Matthew

Storybook Designer Homes Review
“Merry Christmas to the fabulous crew at Storybook from Garry & Rae. Can you believe this time last year we hadn’t even bought our land! Here we are enjoying our first Christmas in our beautiful new home. We are very grateful for all your help and guidance. Cheers Garry & Rae” * This home was built incredibly quickly (14 weeks from start to finish), by using prefab wall frames and trusses and one of our preffered Storybook Contrators for the construction. The owner worked closely to the Storybook estimates on our Owner Builder System (dealing directly with trades) and advised us that they actually came under many of our budget estimates, enjoying the whole process.

“We are very grateful for all your help and guidance.”

Storybook Designer Homes Review“We looked at every display home on the market, but the block was only 9.5 metres wide, so it really limited the houses we could choose from.  My real passion came in the shape of traditional style homes and I scoured the net for hours looking for an option we could afford.  I finally came across Storybook Cottages on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.  Once I found them I couldn’t get my head around building anything else, I felt if we went with a display home I would always think “what if” we had built a Storybook.  So with encouragement from hubby I decided to ring them and find out a little more and the rest is history!  Here is our dream home….we named it Seaesta.  One of my favourite features of our house are the adorable dormer windows and pitched roof line.” Loretta

“I just love this design. Reminds me of an era that just seemed so wonderful and carefree and where family was the only thing that seemed to matter.”Donna