Redgum Manor is a Hampton’s inspired split level design on a beautiful established residential property in New South Wales. Surrounded by numerous multilevel homes all vying to capture the water views, to stand out this one needed to be extra special. The home is accessed by an existing driveway, setting the angle of first impression, so a lot of time was spent in this area. As with all things, a number of factors needed to be considered including maximum building & ceiling heights which stepped down with the site, rock walls, exiting paving, driveway, side setbacks, numerous easements (non-building zones containing drainage & sewerage pipes), an unusual property shape, the views, the sun & the slope. Large exposed rock retaining walls and existing cuts from a previous development were considered as well as an existing pool – a challenge to say the least. Adding to the list of requirements was the request for an attached granny flat (secondary dwelling). Following the New South Wales Secondary Dwelling Guidelines, this secondary dwelling was kept under the 60m² limit and incorporated into the design in the most cost effective way possible – using vertical separating fire / sound walls.

With the inherent additional cost of a second attached dwelling (ie; fire ratings, carparking, yard area, land required, extra hot water service, meters etc..) no matter what the size, it made sense to keep the secondary dwelling as large as possible to deliver a favourable cost / benefit – although a smaller space may also stack up in this regard. The position of an additional dwelling in relation to the main home is also of great importance. A negative impact here could influence re-sale and thus negate the advantages a second dwelling brings – so it’s an important consideration. In fact on this project, the placement of the second dwelling was a starting point and in many ways shaped the whole design direction. How will this space impact on the use & livability of the main house and if a larger second dwelling means a smaller house, is that preferable?  At the end of the day it is the client’s themselves who need to strike this balance and we are working with them to this end, I look forward to seeing the final iteration. *At the request of the client we are not posting prices for this project on the website, please contact your nearest agent for information.