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Storybook Kit Homes Victoria was established more than 20 years ago. Over this time the business has franchised throughout Australia and now boasts thousands of completed homes all over the country. Now expanding our reach further with agencies in regional areas (enquiries welcome) and offering a remote service option for projects in non-franchised areas via Head Office Victoria, there has never been a better time to realise your dream of owning your very own ‘individually designed’ Storybook Creation.


Although the term Kit Homes sometimes conjures up an image of simple uninspired buildings (ie; our competitors), a Storybook could not be further from this. The reality that a Storybook is incredibly affordable is a secret often kept between Storybook & our customers. When selling their homes (down the track), our clients often report much higher than average resale prices owed to the uniqueness & high character of the product & the economical cost of the construction- To the buyer, you just cant tell the home was ever a kithome. This is often so lucrative for our customers that they invariably return to undertake their next project with Storybook. In fact we have had clients come back for a second & third home on a number of occasions. Each time building their equity & enjoying the tax free benefits that owner-building a Storybook can deliver.



Many people realise the way to build personal wealth is not through what you earn, that money seems to get spent before it’s earned. It is through the passive gains, those funds in addition to your regular income, which seems to stick. The savings enjoyed by our clients & the support we give them has many benefits. It not only enriches your lifestyle, but is likely to consolidate your financial future. Why not give us a call. Storybook Kit Homes Victoria would love the opportunity to help you achieve your goals, what ever they may be…

9 thoughts on “Kit Homes Victoria

  1. Hi there,
    We are in the early stages of possibly renovating our home to include a facade change, add on garage and room extension. How would we go about having a quote done? We are in the Central coast area.


    1. Hey there,

      I’m sorry to say that we’re currently putting a hold on extensions due to our work flow, we only ever tend to do extensions when were not too busy and we’re unfortunately swamped.

      My apologies for any inconvenience,

      Thanks 🙂

  2. Hi. Wondering if the price for completed home includes slab/ stumps? I’m hoping to get an overall ball park figure, and I know you can fit into my budget, I just need to know if that is an additional cost for me. Thanks

    1. Hi Allie,

      For any ‘completion’ prices on our website, there will always be an inclusion of either a slab or suspended floor, depending on what the design requires. These prices are intended to reflect our clients budgets so that they can stay on target and enjoy a rewarding, affordable building experience. Any ‘kit’ price you will see is for Storybook supplied pre-fabricated and raw materials needed to build the house. In saying this, a slab is not included as part of our Storybook kit as it is mixed and poured on site by the concreter, however every project requiring a slab is costed for within the total project costs.

      If there is a specific design you like on the website, and would to know more about costs associated with a project of a similar size/style, feel free to contact one of our friendly staff to help arm you with some good information. We are very confident in our building program, and would love the opportunity to help you with your project.

      Otherwise you are welcome to comment on a design post and we will offer a website/email response as quickly as possible.

      Thank you for your enquiry.

  3. Hi, My husband and I are in the early stages of looking to extend our home. We really just need to add a master bed room with ensuit. Would that be a job this company would do. We have an estimate size in mind and are deciding where to build and if we will move the existing laundry or work around it.

    1. Hi Nicole,

      Storybook are currently catering to extensions, and would be happy to assist you with the addition to your home.
      If you would like a detailed quote, and some information on how we can help; feel free to contact us to book a free, no obligation appointment.

      Thank you.

  4. Hi i was just wanted to know what is included up to lock up stage? Like is it just frame done with roof on and thats about it? plus all plans and budgets etc?

      1. Hi Dan. The kit prices shown on our posts are for actual jobs and the inclusions vary. We are a custom kit home company so it is not surprising that each of our packages are customised for each specific job. Some of our projects are fully pre-fab while others are a mix or pre-fab roofs & site built walls & sub-floors etc.. When we present a client with a design, we break down our ‘kit price’, the ‘labour to build the kit’ (generally using our trades who work on the rates we set) and ‘estimated completion budgets’. The frame supplied for example can include bracing, tie downs, steel beams, bolts, hangers etc.. which vary on each job depending on the design, wind loadings & engineering etc.. I know it seems like a complicated affair but from our perspective it is fairly straight forward. We assess each job as its own project and look at things like specific materials, energy efficiency requirements, bushfire requirements and so on… Hope this helps..

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