We’re at the end of another month & I’ve only just added our last months Design of the Month. So in the interests of keeping up to date, here is the Design of April. This home is one of my all time favorites. A triangular shaped lot with dual access points, a slope towards the main street, stunning water views, quite restrictive council requirements, maximum height constraints and so on, this one was nothing short of a challenge. With a relaxed coastal feel the objective & the need to maximise the views, a T-shaped footprint was adopted to provide solar access into the living areas, views from the most important areas of the homes (namely living, kitchen, meals, master bedroom & entertaining decks. In order to complete the picture, we painstakingly recreated in 3D the¬†neighbouring¬†homes, helping the owner assess the home in its environment. This home I feel is the right mix of traditional clean shapes and a beachy / coastal aesthetic.