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Australian Kit Homes

Storybook Designer Homes has an extremely large range of Australian inspired Kit Homes.  This range has been progressively increasing over the last two decades. From beach styled kit homes to contemporary home design, our kits are customised to each individual client’s needs.  The core of our design philosophy is a focus on high character architecture and to have a home that reflects an individual’s lifestyle.  This is why we as designers love to get to know and understand our clients.  We collect detailed information on each site and have clients fill in wish lists.  We help them establish a budget, decide on their desired level of involvement and work together to achieve their goal, their dream home.

Building on our range of Traditional Australian Kit Homes , the designs have evolved with the times. Our close relationship with our customers has seen many of our clients own ideas enter the design range. This has lead to undoubtedly the largest Australian range of Kit Homes each with a unique Storybook stamp of individuality.  As designer, we get excited by high character architecture and the most rewarding aspect to our work is having the perfect home perfectly crafted to our clients needs. This pride in the finished product is shared equally with our clients who are integral in this creative process.

6 thoughts on “Australian Kit Homes

  1. I saw a very good price list, with price corresponding to model. This seems to have been abolished during the 30 minutes I was off-line today. Today is 1 March, 2013. I suppose it happens – good things just go off like that.

  2. Do you have recommended trades that could complete the full home in the Kilmore area

    I would like to gauge a ball park price per square for the home in the second picture



    1. Hi there,

      Storybook service all of Australia, and our contact lists are suitable for most areas.

      In regards to the image, I’m not sure which one you were looking at, however we design specifically to your required size of home and budget.

      Every home is unique, as with every quote. However if Storybook feel that your budget is inadequate for your proposal, we will give you a good idea about what you can achieve.

      The best way to find a quote specific to your home, your land, your budget etc. is to give us a call.

      Visit the ‘Contact Us’ page for additional details.

  3. I love the idea, but it would be great to get an idea of pricing from the website so one can assess its feasibility. It’s also difficult to tell what is provided in a full house ‘kit’and how much needs to be done by the buyer, assuming they have no building/project managing skills.

    1. Hi Mel, thanks for your comment. To answer your question – every one of our homes is customised to client specifications, so the overall cost of the home varies from client to client. With that said, we are highly competitive.

      After preparing a design, the client is given detailed budgets & a fixed price kit contract. They then take this information away in order to compare what they are getting with what else is on offer in the market place. Needless to say, a majority of our clients quickly recognise the value for money our system offers – a free consultation will help give you an idea of what you can achieve on your budget.

      In respect of the skill level required on our system – this (as with budget) varies from client to client, with some clients using a managing builder and others doing work themselves. Anyone is a Storybook Candidate, from the seasoned tradesperson to someone who’s never built before – we’ve had clients from all walks of life & some of the best homes have been for clients with no experience at all, just a desire to achieve the house of their dreams….

      Either way, Storybook offers an unlimited technical support during the whole process – So there is always someone here to give you advice & help – you are not on your own.

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