About Us & Getting Started

Storybook Designer Homes – High Quality Traditional, Modern & Contemporary Architecture. Now with agents in Victoria, N.S.W, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania, with possibly the largest range of High Character Floor Plans available.

How Can Storybook Help?


Our Experienced Designers Customise Your Home to Your Specific Requirements. If You’ve Got the Ideas – We’d Love to Hear Them..


Owner-Build or Project Management – Your Choice. Tradies in the Family? Friends who want to help out? Maybe D.I.Y – No Problems..


Worried About Building – We support you all the way through the building process with unlimited phone support for You & Your Trades.


Detailed Project Budgets  so you can stay on track! Start How You Want to Finish with our Design to the Budget Option & Cost Guidance.


Building in a Bushfire Area? We have Experience in all Levels of Bushfire Construction From Bal-12.5 & Bal-19 Through to Flamezone.


With Years of Experience in Passive Solar Design We Can Help You Design A Beautiful & Comfortable Energy Efficient Home.


With Over 60 Years of Collective Experience, Our Designers Use Cost Effective Design Solutions Proven to Save You Money.


We Have Agents all over Australia ready to Assist You in Bringing Your Dream Home Into Reality, It’s Time!



“We love the character that our home exudes…the cathedral ceilings, many levels, beautifully shaped rooms and timber floors are wonderful to live with” – N.S.W Customer…


“We are very grateful for all your help and guidance.” – Victorian Customer…

Getting Started…

Step 1…..

Collect your ideas & inspiration for your individual home;

  • You’re doing it right now by visiting our website! Cut up magazines, take photos, get images of decks, kitchens & bathrooms etc..
  • Think about the way you live – Are you entertainers? Do you want zoning from the kids? It’s all up to you.
  • How many bathrooms do you need, living-rooms, bedrooms. Do you need a study?
  • Be realistic on your budget & try to establish a realistic goal. Is this limited by finance – we can help determine this.
  • Are there site constraints which might be a consideration – we can help you choose the best building site on your land.
  • Do you want to get involved. Many clients opt to do non skilled work to expand their budget & get more bang for their buck.

Step 2…..

Why not call us to book a free initial appointment to discuss;

  • Your individual requirements & unique property. Bring along photos, sketches & site plans to discuss your specifics.
  • The way we can SAVE you thousands of dollars $ $ $. Let us show you. It does not mean physically building yourself.
  • A way to have the home you want for the price you can afford without compromising on quality, size or aesthetics.
  • How you can participate in the construction of your own home
  • How we can help you build YOUR UNIQUE DREAM HOME…..

Oh My God its just beautiful, Thank you sooooooooooooooo much for our forever house  Customer Feedback after receiving their Individual Storybook Design.

Step 3…..

Begin the Design Process with the Storybook  ‘Pre-decision Design Package’ which includes;

  • A Site Inspection (anywhere within an operating Franchise Territory). In other areas, we collect the necessary information..
  • Draft Plans – Tailored to your needs, taking into consideration your budget, wish-list  & discussions we have had with you.
  • Numerous 3D Perspectives of the draft design in context to your site. Showing landscaping, indoor / outdoor etc..
  • Site Plan – showing the home on the land, with discussions on access & indoor outdoor living as per our discussions.
  • A Detailed Storybook Quotation – Fixed Price ‘Material & Services Package’ for your design – with the Initial fee coming off the price.
  • A summary of the Overall Project Budget – which takes into account labour & materials to completion. (varying from job to job).
  • From only $2000 (heavily subsidised initial fee). Which actually comes off the Storybook Price – so if you proceed It’s Free!

typical storybook design presentation

The Storybook ‘Pre-Decision Design Package’, gives our clients the necessary information needed to make an informed decision, without the burden of expensive professional service fees. To do this, Storybook Cottages heavily subsidises this Initial Design Stage, only charging a modest non-refundable deposit from only $2,000, (or 1% of completion budget whichever is greater) which is later credited back to the client, if they decide to proceed. If at the end of this stage a client does not proceed, they remain commitment free, but unable to use the copyright information supplied. This gives people a wonderful opportunity to receive a Storybook Designer Home Design (individually tailored to their needs), giving consideration to the budget, site constraints, owner participation, and so on, before making a decision. Overall project budgets vary from job to job & can include a multitude of inclusions depending on the clients requirements. Storybook will discuss the ‘Standard Inclusions’ with you which can be varied on a job by job basis. The initial Draft Design Information is in draft form and accuracy is dependant on the information provided to Storybook initially, feature surveys, bushfire reports, geotechnical investigations and so on may be required and as a result changes to initial draft details can be expected where this information is unavailable prior to design. The above image is a typical example of a Storybook Pre-Decision Design Package. Customers should refer to our Service & Privacy Policy found on our website particularly the section headed ‘Service Users & Customer Responsibilities’. Service fees are non-refundable.