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Owner-Building / Project Management – Your Choice!
From the outset, we at Storybook Cottages knew there had to be a better way of offering our clients a realistic and affordable method of achieving the house of their dreams. This led to the development of our comprehensive and Unique Owner-Builder Program. Although, some of our clients still opt to use a builder to manage their project (with Storybook supplying the material-kit), most of our clients follow the Storybook System and enjoy the real savings achieved as an owner builder. Either way, Storybook itemise construction costs so the owner is in complete control over their budget & can choose their preferred level of involvement.

What is Owner-Building? – Owner-Building is where an owner organises the construction of their home either by directly using sub-contractors, doing work themselves or a combination of the two. To owner-build a house is to remove the builder from the equation. This does not mean you must physically build your home yourself, though of course you can do as much or as little as you want – you are now in charge! What most people don’t realise is that a builder may charge around 30% to organise and manage other tradespeople such as carpenters, electricians, cabinet-makers, tilers, plumbers, painters etc. Alternatively, as an Owner Builder, you can deal directly with sub-contractors yourself, perhaps you even have some family members or friends in the trade – you can employ whom you like.*

 “The works have exceeded our expectations and were finalised well ahead of schedule. The attention to detail, assistance, pro-activeness, service and skillsets demonstrated by the team were second to none and were of the highest quality. The additions and alterations to the project you have completed for us have really transformed our home and we are grateful for your input and thoughtfulness.” – customer satisfied with preferred contractor on our Storybook Owner Builder System.

How can Storybook help? – Traditionally Owner Building has been most popular amongst people who worked in the industry, as it is a practical and easy way to save money. We understand that for those who have no industry experience it can seem a little daunting, that’s why we’re here to help. Although we believe, most resourceful folk given the right professional help can successfully manage the building of a timber home, the coordination of Design, Budgeting and Assistance with the pre-construction Technical and Bureaucratic process, should ideally be married together in a uniform and cost effective way. Accordingly, the assistance program offered by Storybook Cottages is comprehensive – providing Site Evaluation, Individual Design, Drafting, Engineering, Permit Applications, Estimating and Budgeting, Unlimited Technical Phone Advice, together with the Supply of a Lock-up Material Kit. These Pre-Construction Services and Materials are grouped together into a single fixed-price agreement.

“Merry Christmas to the fabulous crew at Storybook from Garry & Rae.  Can you believe this time last year we hadn’t even bought our land! Here we are enjoying our first Christmas in our beautiful new home. We are very grateful for all your help and guidance.   Cheers”  – recent message.